Stellar performance in Indonesia

Article submitted by MIR, Indonesia.

We are happy to share that both of our sister companies i.e. MURe (Mitra Utama Reinsurance Brokers and MIT (Mitra Ibisnis Terapan have been showing a quite stellar performance.
MURe which is primarily a reinsurance broking company has churning out a healthy return to shareholders from its facultative division and will soon engage its 4th treaty client on Q3 this year.
MIT which is an insurance online broking company, on its tender age has reached 500 transactions a month and is going strong for doubling it to reap the first BEP of the month.
As for MIR, it is official, we have secured the “Big Three” Insurance brokers in Indonesia for few years running now. Not bad for a country where all the big boys are present and healthy.

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