October 3, 2018

MIR – Indonesia

PT Mitra, Iswara & Rorimpandey was established in 1975 and is an independent insurance broking company, the oldest in the country and the leader in the national insurance intermediary service. Throughout the years, we could pride ourselves of being able to establish solid and harmonious relations with our clients. It is a proof of our ability to build solid and long lasting relations with all of our clients. The strength of our company lies in the fact that we can deliver what only few other brokers can accomplish.

That is, the widest possible forms of cover, generous terms and conditions, and above all, a competitive price.  In short, cost-effective insurance programs for practically all types of risks, and for all classes of business.

While we have the ability in arranging an insurance programme for almost any industry, special mention deserves to be given to the following types of businesses which have formed the backbone of our operation among other: Hotels, Apartments and Shopping Centers, Commercial Buildings / Offices, Country and Gold Club, Retail and Wholesale, Ceramic, Feedmill, Electronic, Cigarette Factories, Textile and Garment Factories. Our Company is always in the forefront for the various types of insurance covers such as: Engineering and Construction; Industrial All Risks (incl. Business Interruption); Marine Cargo & Hull; Personal Lines; Employee Benefits; Liability; etc.

With consistent assistance of our expertise from more than 130 skillful professionals located in 1 (one) Head Office and 4 (four) branches in major cities throughout the country, MIR Insurance Brokers will provide protection of the insurance interest of the client with comprehensive and effective Insurance Programs.