EBM’s 40th Anniversary Publication

To commemorate EBM’s 40th anniversary, which was celebrated on 1 October 2015, EBM has launched a book aptly titled “40 Years”.
The publication reflects on the varying chapters of EBM’s history across four decades, from humble beginnings in a small office in Perth, to a national company with over 200 employees across nine offices.  Much has changed since EBM first opened its door in the 1970’s, when the Sydney Opera House first opened and the latest technology was the videocassette recorder.  One thing that hasn’t has been the great support of many along the company’s journey. Alan Bishop, EBM’s Executive Chairman, said “The future for EBM is bright but it’s a team game. Thanks to the many clients, staff, partners, family and friends, past and present, who have played their part in our success. I hope you will continue to kick goals with us.” 
Please click here to read the publication, which no doubt you’ll find most informative and enjoyable.  

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